Through labor visas, the West is once again enslaving Africans – Lumumba

    Prof. Patrick Lumumba, a well-known lawyer and activist from Kenya, has compared the recent wave of African talent diaspora to modern-day slavery.

    Even though the colonizers abandoned Africa decades ago, in Lumumba’s view, they continue to subtly exploit the continent.

    At this year’s edition of The Platform, an Independence Day Anniversary event organized in Lagos by Pastor Poju Oyemade’s The Covenant Nation, one of the speakers was the former head of the Kenyan anti-corruption agency.

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    Lumumba stated during his speech that Africa must redefine itself and compared the vast migration of professionals out of Africa to Europe, America, and other countries to contemporary slavery.

    “We must ask ourselves from whose lens are we judging Africa when we judge it,” remarked Lumumba. However, the colonizers never truly left (Africa). Only in Africa are terms like “francophone” or “anglophone” still used.


    “When our forefathers were sent to labor on European farms, we were the ones who made the first industrial revolution possible. We made that revolution possible. The fourth and fifth industrial revolutions are currently being facilitated by us, which is why talent visas are necessary since they are stealing our abilities. If not our nurses, it might be our engineers or IT specialists. We are letting them go with joy. When I hear our heads of state announce that we have signed the agreement to send our employees to Saudi Arabia.

    Dr. Bosun Tijani, Nigeria’s Minister of Communication, Innovation, and Digital Economy, claims in his own presentation that the franchise system may be used in the Nigerian Postal Service in order to revitalize it under President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

    According to Tijani, several areas of the economy would be unable to increase the value of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Products if NIPOST did not function as intended.

    The truth is that if people can’t transfer things, we can’t have a thriving economy. We have a problem if a farmer in Funtua cannot produce fresh vegetables and get them to Pastor Poju in Lagos, who cares about his health and prefers to consume healthy food. Pastor Poju won’t receive the assistance he needs, and that farmer won’t be able to increase our GDP. Therefore, the GDP figure won’t be as high as we would want.


    Therefore, NIPOST is essential to tying us all together. Therefore, we are making every effort to rethink what NIPOST is all about and possibly turn it into a franchise so that a young entrepreneur might own an NIPOST facility—not outright, but through a franchise with the government—and administer that location.

    “That place won’t just be used for deliveries; it’ll also be a place where you can go if you want to apply for a passport. There, you can open a bank account. You can conduct a variety of business there as well. It essentially turns into a business hub for you. We are reinventing it as well, the minister stated.

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