Dr. Maryam Shetty, who was born in Kano State and was removed from President Bola Tinubu’s list of ministerial nominations on Thursday, said her faith as a devoted Muslim helped her make sense of the setback.

    In a statement released on Saturday, Shetty blamed the failure on life’s “characteristic unpredictability,” saying that the unexpected development was Almighty Allah’s decision.

    The move, despite being reversed, was a statement that Nigeria was ready to embrace a future when young women could assume positions of influence and power, she added, noting that the nomination by the President had brought her great honor.

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    “I have found myself at the center of a crucial period in Nigeria’s political landscape,” Shetty remarked. I feel incredibly honored that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu nominated me for a ministerial position. This constituted a big step towards a more inclusive national representation coming from the traditional, conservative regions of northern Nigeria.

    “The pure happiness and pleasure I experienced upon being nominated were beyond words. It was an indication that our wonderful nation was prepared to accept a future in which young women like me, even from the most traditional sections of Nigeria, might assume positions of influence and power. It was also a confirmation of my ability and a nod to my vision.

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