Breaking : Balarabe was named by Tinubu to take over El-Rufai as minister.

    Nasir El-Rufai’s replacement as a minister has been nominated by President Bola Tinubu as Abbas Balarabe.

    The Senate President, GodsWill Akpabio, announced the replacement in a letter that was read aloud at Tuesday’s session.

    Along with Dr. Jamila Ibrahaim and Ayodele Olawande, who had previously been nominated by the president as Minister of Youths and Minister of State for Youths, respectively, Balarabe’s name was also announced.

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    El-Rufai’s name was omitted from the list of ministerial nominees that were approved by the Senate, according to a story in The PUNCH dated August.


    Out of the 48 nominees sent by President Bola Tinubu, 45 were vetted and ratified by the Senate following the screening process that took place around a week ago.

    During the screening, a few petitions were brought against the former governor, including those sent by Senator Sunday Karimi (APC, Kogi West).

    During the ministerial screening, the member from Kogi West spoke out against the former governor of Kaduna State.

    Following El-Rufai’s presentations, Karimi got up and informed the audience that he had filed a petition against the former governor on the security situation in Southern Kaduna.

    “Your performance in any office you have held in the nation has been outstanding,” he remarked. Your performance in the Bureau of Public Enterprises is on record, as is your performance as a minister in the FCT, and as the two-term governor of Kaduna State, you did well.

    “And I believe that this screening process needs to take the petition into account.”

    Jibrin Barau, the deputy senate president, who was overseeing the screening process at the moment, was then approached by Karimi to receive the petition.


    “I don’t know if you followed the normal process, but this is the opportunity for nominees to explain and showcase themselves, later we will come to confirmation and approval,” Barau replied in response.

    Others in the Senate praised el-Rufai and said that he is capable of serving as a minister.

    Ibrahim Kalid, the member for Kaduna North, also stated that he, his two state colleagues, and all the locals support the appointment of el-Rufai as minister.

    The Senate President at the plenary refused to accept the petition against the former governor in the meantime after the speaker finished, noting that other petitions had been received against several of the ministerial nominees.

    Details to come…

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