Reps are returning to the plenary on Tuesday. The first legislative year of the 10th Assembly will continue on Tuesday, according to the House of Representatives, which has announced that it will restart its yearly break.

    The Clerk of the House, Dr. Yahaha Danzaria, stated this in a statement on Saturday in Abuja.

    On July 27, the 10th Assembly began its yearly break.

    This came after the speaker of the house, Tajudeen Abbas, named the chairpersons of the parliament’s standing committees during a plenary session.

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    Rep. Akin Rotimi, the spokesperson for the House and the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, said the 10th Assembly had been productive in his remarks on the resumption.

    Federal House of Reps
    Federal House of Reps

    He claimed that since its inception, the house had seen 470 bills, all of which had passed their first readings, and four of which had also done so.

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    He continued by saying that the parliament had discussed 175 motions.

    He claimed that despite the break, it had nevertheless been able to accomplish its important tasks thanks to the work of numerous ad hoc committees.

    He said that this had greatly increased public support.

    The completion of all ad hoc committees’ work and the submission of their findings, according to Rotimi, were some of the important initial events anticipated upon resumed work.

    nig house of reps
    nig house of reps

    According to the speaker’s order, he said that this was for the House to consider.

    He declared that the house will get the final version of the legislative agenda prepared by the special committee headed by Rep. Julius Inhonvbere, the majority leader.

    He added that the proposed agenda was produced after extensive talks with important stakeholders and that the house would examine and accept it.

    He added that the standing committees’ members would be properly announced and appointed.

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