No amount of blackmail will hold our ‘Renewed Hope Agenda’ back, said Minister for Works Umahi..

    Senator David Umahi, the Minister of Works, has made it clear that no contractor involved in federal road projects under President Tinubu’s administration should be apprehensive about a government investigation. He stressed that no form of “blackmail” will deter the Federal Government from pursuing its Renewed Hope Agenda.


    He issued a stern warning that any contractor failing to meet the minimum standards required would be subjected to queries and instructed to return to the construction site. Senator Umahi clarified, “I am primarily focused on assessing the progress of these projects, particularly those initiated by the previous administration.”

    Furthermore, he emphasized that contractors should not fear any form of investigation, as he is simply adhering to President Tinubu’s renewed Hope Agenda, which is aimed at advancing Nigeria’s development. He firmly asserted that no amount of attempted blackmail would derail this agenda.

    Senator Umahi also underscored the importance of utilizing concrete technology in road construction, asserting that it is currently the most suitable option for Nigeria. Drawing on his experience as a former governor, he praised Governor Bassey Otu for adopting this approach.

    He highlighted the durability and cost-effectiveness of concrete technology when compared to bitumen. Additionally, he pointed out that using asphalt for road construction has become increasingly expensive due to the fluctuating exchange rate and the rising cost of crude oil.

    In summary, Senator Umahi’s message conveys the government’s commitment to improving infrastructure and ensuring that contractors adhere to high-quality standards in road construction projects, all in alignment with the Hope Agenda initiated by President Tinubu.

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