Kidnapped victim in Enugu is rescued by the military.

    Dr. Maxwell Ayim was saved by the Nigerian Army’s 103 Battalion (Rear), which is currently engaged in Operation UDO KA II, between Four Corner and Agbogwe Junction in the Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State.

    Lt.-Col. Jonah Unuakhalu, acting Deputy Director Army Public Relations, 82 Division, Nigerian Army, released a statement on this topic on Saturday in Enugu.

    Ayim was saved on Thursday, according to Unuakhalu, unharmed.

    He claims that the rescue effort was carried out after police issued a distress signal to troops stationed at the Udi gate.

    Unuakhalu claimed that the forces encountered the kidnappers when they arrived and that as a result of the troops’ superior fire, members of the criminal gang fled in disorder with bullet wounds into the nearby bushes.

    According to the army spokeswoman, the brave troops discovered the victim after further exploiting the gang’s escape path.

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    “The victim was rescued by the troops. He has subsequently been returned to his family following initial medical evaluations.

    “Joint Task Force Operation UDO KA II therefore calls on the law-abiding and upright citizens of Enugu and the South-East region in general to refrain from relenting in providing timely, credible, and reliable Information.”

    “This will assist in ending the cycle of kidnappings and other criminal activity in the area.

    Nigerian Army's 103
    Nigerian Army’s 103

    “Operation UDO KA II will continue combating crime and criminality in accordance with the extant rules and regulations guiding its operations,” he declared.

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