President Tinubu appoints Jalal Arabi chairman National Hajj Commission (NAHCON)..

    Jalal Arabi, the newly appointed Chairman of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), has pledged to overhaul the commission in alignment with President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda. Upon assuming office at the Nigerian Hajj House in Abuja, Mr. Arabi addressed the commission’s management and staff, expressing the need for a fresh start.


    Acknowledging the authenticity of the Renewed Hope Agenda, Mr. Arabi highlighted the commitment made by President Tinubu during his interactions with the commission. He emphasized the genuine intention to bring about positive change and improvement in the commission’s operations.

    Calling for the cooperation of the commission’s staff and management, Mr. Arabi stressed the inevitability of change addressing past challenges and the imperative to reposition for progress. He urged those unwilling to make necessary sacrifices for the commission’s success to consider their options.

    In conclusion, Mr. Arabi noted the constitutional provision for freedom of choice, assuring that individuals uncomfortable with the proposed changes are free to make their decisions. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and unity to drive the commission’s transformation in line with the broader national agenda.

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