Senator Abbo apologizes; Akpabio is not the reason for my dismissal

    Elisha Abbo, the troubled senator from Adamawa North Senatorial District, has expressed regret for his claim that Senate President Godswill Akpabio planned to have him removed by the Court of Appeal.

    During a Wednesday interview on Arise Television, Abbo expressed his regret.

    “With all humility and responsibility, I must state that the press release we released yesterday was untimely and based on the information we had at our disposal,” he added.

    We have found a lot of information as of today, and after speaking with the Senate President last night, I am certain that he is not implicated.

    “I swear by my mother’s grave that I’m not involved; I don’t even know that you’re in court,” Akpabio reportedly told him.

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    Senator Abbo
    sen abbo

    Abbo went on, “I don’t see a reason why a number three citizen would lie for him to come up to tell me that he has sworn on his mother’s grave, a woman he loves so much, a woman who raised him after he lost his father at the age of six.”

    The PUNCH had earlier revealed that Abbo’s election was declared void by the Abuja-based Appeal Court on Monday, October 16.

    The Peoples Democratic Party’s Amos Yohanna was proclaimed the victor of the February 25 senate race by the appellate court.

    Abbo held the Senate President responsible for his demise.

    He claimed that the unfavorable court ruling against him was caused by Akpabio.

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