Nigerian Navy confirm receipt of Presidential yatch in June.

    On Friday, the Nigerian Navy confirmed the receipt of the Presidential yacht, clarifying that it had been delivered in June 2023 and remains unused. Commodore Adedotun Ayo-Vaughan, the Director of Information for the Nigerian Navy, revealed that the service had requested the replacement of the defunct presidential yacht during the administration of former President Muhammadu Buhari, emphasizing its intended use for training purposes.


    Addressing the delay in utilization, Ayo-Vaughan attributed it to the outstanding payment, indicating that until the payment is settled, operational activities involving the yacht may be hindered.

    He stated, “Correct. It’s tied to the non-payment.”

    A long-overdue request for a Presidential yacht was made during the immediate past administration to replace the defunct MV AMARIA. The yacht was also intended for use during the Presidential Fleet Review 2023 held in May.

    In response to the development, the Senate has called for an emergency sitting, initially scheduled for Saturday morning but rescheduled to Monday. The purpose of the meeting is to adopt the Votes and Proceedings of Thursday’s plenary session. Explaining the rescheduling, Adaramodu mentioned that senators had returned to their constituencies over the weekend, and Monday’s session would focus on adopting the votes and proceedings to ensure proper documentation of Thursday’s activities.

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