NLC and TUC begin an indefinite national strike, October 3

    The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) yesterday announced an indefinite strike beginning on October 3 in order to put pressure on the federal government to address the extreme suffering and hardship caused by the elimination of gasoline subsidies throughout the nation.

    The resolution was passed despite the federal government’s assurances to complete wage awards to the two labor centers, which were a significant demand of the labor leaders.

    After holding separate emergency National Executive Council, or NEC, sessions, the heads of the two labor centers advised Nigerians in a joint statement to prepare for a protracted strike and use the time between yesterday and next Monday to stockpile food and other essentials.

    nlc chairman
    nlc chairman

    Although the Trade Union Congress, TUC, chose not to join the NLC in its two-day warning strike two weeks ago, it has decided to support the NLC’s indefinite strike anyway.

    The communique was jointly read by the presidents of the NLC and TUC, Joe Ajaero and Festus Osifo, at the Labour House in Abuja. It instructed the state councils and affiliates of the two centers to intensify member and ally mobilization for a general strike.

    NLC Rally

    Total indefinite strike

    After the removal of the petrol subsidy and ongoing displays of unwillingness and complete lack of initiative to address the fallout from the removal and other harsh economic policies, they claimed, the government’s perceived insensitivity to the plight of workers and other Nigerians led to the indefinite strike.

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    “NLC and TUC in their various meetings deeply analyzed the current situation in the country, taking into consideration the extensive hardships and deprivation afflicting our citizens across all states of the federation, and unanimously condemned the apparent conscious lethargy and tardiness in handling the consequences of its Petrol Price hike on Nigerians,” the communiqué reads.

    ‘No meaningful dialogue’

    “The councils deliberated on the continued refusal of the Federal Government to engage in a meaningful and constructive dialogue within the ambit of good faith given the 21-day ultimatum and the successful two-day nationwide warning strike that followed on September 5th and 6th, as well as other meetings that were supposed to show the readiness of Nigerian workers to push through their decision to go on an indefinite nationwide strike if their demands were not met,” according to a statement from the councils.

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    According to the communiqué, “the NLC and TUC NEC-in-session observed that there is no disagreement between labor and government on the existence of massive suffering, poverty, and hunger in the country as a result of the increase in the price of gasoline which demands an urgent need for remedial action.

     NLC and TUC
    NLC and TUC

    The government has completely abdicated its duty and demonstrated a reprehensible refusal to take action, leaving Nigerians and workers to suffer in agonizing poverty and pain.

    “The Federal Government has continued to show off and block any attempts at a peaceful engagement with organized labor about how to protect Nigerians from the severe hunger and suffering that are being experienced all across the country as a result of the government’s outrageous increase in the price of gasoline (PMS).

    “The administration has persisted in displaying not only a refusal to lessen the severe suffering in the nation, but also a total lack of will to take any proactive measures and empathy for Nigeria’s many-sidedly destitute inhabitants.

    As previously outlined in our mutually agreed-upon blueprint for saving the economy and shielding workers and Nigerians from the immense hardship, “The Federal Government has, therefore, not substantially met the demands of Nigerian workers and peoples.”The two labor centers’ grace period has come to an end.

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