Contrary to widespread rumors suggesting that the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, is set to demolish parts of the National Mosque in Abuja, our investigation reveals that this information is false.


    The proposed demolition of the mosque for road expansion has stirred concerns within the Muslim community, triggering apprehension among the Muslim Ummah. However, upon closer examination of the situation, it becomes evident that these fears may be unfounded. Understanding the broader context and the reasons behind the road expansion project can provide clarity and alleviate the concerns expressed by the Muslim community.

    Nigerian National Mosque
    Nigerian National Mosque

    Undertaking road expansion projects is a common strategy employed by urban planners to mitigate traffic congestion, improve transportation infrastructure, and foster the holistic development of urban areas. These projects are driven by a comprehensive approach to urban planning, aiming to enhance overall mobility and accessibility for residents. However, the process of expansion may involve the demolition of existing structures, including religious sites, sparking concerns within communities. It is crucial to approach these situations with sensitivity, acknowledging the emotional and cultural significance of such sites.

    While the proposed expansion may raise apprehensions among the affected community, it’s essential to emphasize the long-term civic benefits that road expansion endeavors to bring. The primary goal is to create more efficient road networks, reduce travel times, and accommodate the evolving needs of a growing population. Additionally, enhanced infrastructure contributes to economic growth, improved connectivity, and a better quality of life for residents. Striking a balance between progress and preserving cultural heritage is paramount, and inclusive dialogue and community engagement play pivotal roles in ensuring that road expansion projects align with the broader interests of the community.

    Engaging in open dialogue with the Muslim Ummah and involving community leaders in the decision-making process could facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the project’s objectives and potentially lead to collaborative solutions that respect both the infrastructural needs and the cultural significance of the mosque.

    The Minister is, in fact, overseeing an infrastructure project to expand the northern part of the mosque. This area has remained unused for decades and is separate from the mosque’s main structure. The expansion aims to utilize available land effectively.

    Upon thorough examination, our analysis indicates that the current infrastructure, comprising a one-way, 7-lane road on the eastern front and a 6-lane road on the western side, is adequately serving its purpose without the need for additional expansion. The efficiency and capacity of these roads meet the current demands of traffic flow, ensuring smooth transportation along these routes. However, our attention is directed towards the southern part, specifically the bridge, where development activities are concentrated, creating a justified need for expansion.

    The southern section, identified as a crucial point for development, plays a pivotal role in the overall infrastructure plan. Expansion in this area is imperative to accommodate the growing demands and evolving landscape. By focusing our efforts on targeted expansion, we aim to enhance connectivity, alleviate congestion, and facilitate the seamless flow of traffic. This strategic approach ensures that our development initiatives align with the actual requirements of the community, optimizing resources for sustainable and effective urban planning.

    To provide clarity, the Minister’s initiative does not involve demolishing any part of the National Mosque. The allocated land for the mosque, shown in accompanying pictures, remains untouched, featuring a bush area with banana trees. The ongoing work is visibly distant from the main mosque building, ensuring the preservation of this significant religious site.

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