Nigeria’s security cannot be trusted to Christians – Gumi

    Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic scholar from Kaduna, has stated that Christians cannot be trusted with national security.

    This was said by the divisive cleric in a sermon that lasted more than 14 minutes and was uploaded on his official Facebook page.

    Gumi said in the sermon that leading Christian army officers were responsible for the first coup d’état in Nigeria.

    He said that it is risky to put Christians and people from the South in charge of Nigeria’s national security.

    According to the cleric, Muslims assigned to high security positions serve solely as symbolic leaders and are not responsible for military command and control.

    “That is a decoy,” the cleric declared during the Hausa speech. What does it mean that the chiefs of the Ministry of Defence are Muslims? Are we the ones with the guns and the gunslingers, the actual Command and Control people?

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    They are playing us; we are not the ones. An agenda is in place. They have taken control of all financial and economic resources, and they intend to trick us for four years in order to obtain eight. I hope not, Allah willing.

    Nigeria's  security
    wike and gumi

    “I want to be clear: Northerners operating lawfully will not receive one billion naira. Nothing is available to our wealthy people save the people they can trust. They are only trusted because they are following their desires. They will crush everyone whose devotion they are unsure of in a matter of months.

    “They will only appear during election seasons, much like when grain is given to hens.” That’s all if they feed the hens grains. The answer is to give spaghetti to people; this pasta problem is serious. We are in a terrible mess and being duped in this country.

    “During Buhari’s presidency, there was a Reverend or Bishop who told me that Muslims had taken over the world.” I assured him that I was fine, knowing full well that the Chief of Army Staff would not try to harm me. He won’t work with some people to attack me, even if he won’t defend me. Our own personnel, whether they work for the Department of State Services (DSS), the military, or the police, will not be used against me or against you because you are a Christian.

    “Why am I accompanying the police on foot? I disagree with the police, but you didn’t see me with them while Buhari was in office. We requested police protection due to this threat, and we were granted it. The President must provide me with police protection, even if he doesn’t like me, or else he will be held accountable for my death.

    “Because God exists, I am teaching you people to be smart and not fools. These Muslim politicians in our country have no interest in serving the people; all they want is money for vacations and medical expenses.

    They are aiming for us, and I told the pastor/bishop that if we Muslims rule and have Muslim leaders in charge of security agencies, we won’t murder you; but, if we give you Christians control and have your unbelievers in charge of security agencies, they will plot my murder, as I have examples of.”

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