Ndume explains why he left the Senate session led by Akpabio

    Following a meeting with Senate President Godswill Akpabio on Tuesday, Senate Chief Whip Senator Ali Ndume revealed his reason for leaving the chamber.

    Ndume voiced concerns about what he perceived to be Senate infractions during the plenary session.

    Using a point of order, the senator from Borno South alerted the Senate President to what he saw as “procedural infringements” occurring in the chamber.

    Since Akpabio cut off Ndume’s remarks, the senator was in violation of established parliamentary practice and departed the room.

    Ndume, in an interview with BBC Hausa, clarified that his choice to leave during the discussion of a subject pertaining to the closing of

    He clarified that the crisis began “when Senator Kawu Sumaila proposed a motion on the closure of the Nigerian-Nigerian border, which he said was urgent.”

    Although it was initially claimed that the motion was not urgent, the Senate President allowed him to complete his statement.

    “It was decided to suspend the motion because it relates to security after hearing it.”

    sen ali ndume

    Additionally, he stated that the Senate President had denied him the opportunity to address the matter, despite his intention to explain the significance of the motion to the assembly.

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    “I want to make it clear that, notwithstanding its significance, the motion is outside the purview of the Nigerian Senate.

    “The President of Nigeria did not start the border closure; rather, it was done while he was the President of ECOWAS. He is therefore qualified to speak up for us.

    The President of our country must be involved in order to resolve this issue, but I was not given the chance to deliver this message.

    “This was going on, and it happened to be prayer time, so I had to leave. As a result, Ndume stated, “My colleagues misinterpreted my exit, and the journalists misinterpreted my exit.”

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