Kano State government to pay N20,000 to all female students in the state..

    In a significant announcement during his Independence Day speech at the Sani Abacha Stadium in Kofar Mata, Kano, Governor Alhaji Abba Yusuf declared a N20,000 stipend for schoolgirls in Kano State. The initiative aims to boost girls’ enrollment in schools, with more than 45,000 schoolgirls set to benefit from this pilot scheme.

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    Governor Yusuf outlined the broader strategy to support girls’ education, stating, “To encourage parents to send their daughters to school, we are implementing a stipend of N20,000 for over 45,000 girl-child beneficiaries in this pilot scheme. Additionally, we are reintroducing girl-child school buses to facilitate their transportation to and from schools.”

    Furthermore, the governor unveiled plans to expand educational infrastructure across the state, emphasizing the establishment of more primary and secondary schools in all 44 local government areas. This initiative is part of a comprehensive effort to address the issue of out-of-school children and ensure that quality education is accessible to all.

    Governor Yusuf highlighted various measures to enhance the learning environment, including the renovation of schools in batches and the provision of free uniforms, school bags, and shoes at the initial stage. Additionally, the administration is working towards supplying free exercise books and textbooks to primary and junior secondary school pupils, with advanced plans for providing one free meal per day to primary school pupils.

    In a bid to further invest in human capital, the governor announced the sponsorship of 1001 first-class graduates to pursue Master’s degrees at international universities. This move reflects the administration’s commitment to addressing challenges such as unemployment, poverty, and youth restiveness, with a focus on creating a more prosperous and empowered society.

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