Naval officer’s private area purportedly disappeared in Calabar, Male private part thieves allegedly stole a naval officer’s genitalia from the Nigerian Navy Barracks in Akim over the weekend. These despicable crimes have been going on in Calabar, Cross River State, for three weeks straight.

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    When a young guy who provided his name as Samuel entered the barracks and was ordered to the sentry station for security inspection, the naval officer, whose name was not disclosed, was manning the entry point into the building.

    He was questioned about his mission in the barracks and who he was looking for when he arrived at the sentry point, but as he was speaking with the sentry officer, the man experienced “an electric jolt around his genitals and lo and behold, when he touched the area, his private had vanished,” according to Azeez, a naval personnel, who spoke to Vanguard.

    Naval officer's private area
    Naval officer’s private area

    The young man was approached and beaten when the naval officer raised the alarm, and he was told to return the missing genital right away.

    The alleged genital thief made no mention of whether he planned to return the missing organ and made no attempt to dispute guilt.

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