Update:Israel believes it has proof that it was not responsible for the hospital bombing  that killed 471 people in Gaza

    On Wednesday, U.S. President Joe Biden announced that he had learned from the Pentagon that the Israeli Defense Forces were not responsible for the explosion that occurred inside the Gaza hospital on Tuesday night, killing hundreds of those who were taking cover there.

    Earlier on Wednesday, during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, Biden stated that it seemed that the attack on Gaza’s al-Ahli Baptist Hospital was carried out “by the other team.”

    hospital attack

    Biden’s diplomatic visit to Israel is a part of an attempt to demonstrate “solidarity” with Israel in the wake of the deadly and well-planned attack on October 7 by the militant Palestinian organization Hamas.

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    After protests erupted throughout the region in response to a deadly explosion at a Gaza hospital, the U.S. president’s subsequent trip to visit Jordan was postponed. There, he was scheduled to meet with Arab leaders and President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss the humanitarian issue in Gaza.

    The attack was attributed by Hamas, the organization in charge of the Gaza Strip, and Arab leaders to Israel’s Defense Forces, which have been bombing Gaza nonstop since the terror attack on Israel by Hamas that resulted in the deaths of about 1,300 people. Israel claims that a botched missile launch is what caused the hospital explosion and points the finger at Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, one of its affiliates.

    bomb victims

    According to the health ministry of the area, more than 3,000 Palestinians have died as a result of Israel’s airstrikes of Gaza and complete closure of the tiny enclave. Terrible images of the injured sparked protests in the region’s biggest cities.

    President Joe Biden declared that the United States will continue to support Israel and pledged $100 million in humanitarian aid to help those in Gaza and the West Bank.

    Biden threatened to stop the aid if Hamas prevented it or took it from civilians. The president of the United States also declared that the country would seek Congress for a “unprecedented support package for Israel’s defense,” although he did not specify what kind of help.

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