Senators reject on plan to remove Akpabio.

    Senators clashed Wednesday over attempts to oust Senate President Godswill Akpabio due to allegations of a “romance” with President Bola Tinubu, tampering with the process of vetting ministerial candidates, and inciting unrest in the Red Chamber through the selection of committee chairmen.

    One of the resentful senators claimed that Akpabio must be removed because he makes too many jokes, is insensitive, and unreliable, in addition to reportedly planting the seeds of conflict in the Senate by marginalizing some ranking senators in the chairperson and vice chairmanship of A list committees.

    One of them specifically stated that prior to the September 26 resumption, several senators had begun gathering signatures demanding Akpabio’s ouster.

    senate presedent  Akpabio
    senate presedent Akpabio

    An additional senator stated that, in contrast to Ahmad Lawan in the Ninth Senate, who appointed his supporters as chairman and vice chairs of A-list committees and his rivals as vice chairs, Akpabio appointed his supporters as chairmen and vice chairs of such committees with nothing for his “opponents.”
    The impeachment plot, according to a senator in the Senate leadership, won’t work, they claimed.

    “Getting the necessary signatures to impeach Akpabio is a different process from gathering signatures. Not a mere majority, but a two-thirds majority is required for impeachment. You are aware that 63 of us supported Akpabio. He appointed us, and a few others from the opposition were also appointed as committee chairs. Do you believe they’ll be in favor of his impeachment?” he asked.

    The Senate President, according to a senator who supports Senator Akpabio, committed a few mistakes, but not enough to justify firing him. There is a little hostility in the Senate, he remarked.

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    The President made mistakes in a few different areas. We have promised to look into such issues. With the N2 million vacation allowance, Akpabio made a small error. We are aware of the resentment felt by senators who did not receive the committee chairmanships they desired.

    They also said that he is romancing the executive far too frequently. Since it is still too early, there is no reason to remove Akapbio. When it comes to romance with the executive, is it worse than the ninth Senate between President Buhari and Lawan? As of right now, I don’t believe Akpabio has committed any severe offenses that would justify impeachment.

    When questioned about the matter, Senate Chief Whip Senator Ali Ndume claimed that Akpabio had not done anything or broken any laws that would justify his removal.

    Sen akpabio
    sen akpabio

    “I read the newspaper report about the impeachment proceedings against Akpabio,” he claimed. Even though only two ranking senators were not appointed as chairs of A-list committees, some people do not like how the committees were distributed. A few high-ranking members were passed over. These cases will be investigated.

    The committees were also given the nod by the selection committee. The All Progressives Congress, or APC, which is in power, has six members on the selection committee, and the opposition has four.

    The senate president, the deputy senate president, the majority leader, the deputy majority leader, the chief whip, the deputy chief whip, the minority leader, the deputy minority leader, the minority whip, and the deputy minority whip are all members of the selection committee.

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