House Committee on Public property summons NPA, NIMASA and Customs..

    The House of Representatives ad hoc committee on the Disposal of Public Property convened on Thursday and has summoned NIMASA, NPA, and Customs to provide explanations regarding the auctioning of certain public properties by these agencies.


    Julius Ihonvbere, who chairs the committee and also serves as the House leader, issued this summons during the committee’s ongoing hearing. He expressed concerns about NIMASA and NPA’s recurring tendency to disregard invitations from the parliament, emphasizing that such behavior would not be tolerated.

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    He stated, “It appears that NIMASA and NPA have a persistent habit of not responding to parliamentary invitations, and we will not stand for it. The Nigerian Customs Service also exhibited a similar tendency of not honoring our invitations during the 9th Assembly. However, this current Assembly will not tolerate such conduct. I strongly urge the Customs’ Comptroller-General to contact the committee’s clerk promptly to arrange a date for appearing and providing the necessary documents and information.”

    Furthermore, Julius Ihonvbere drew attention to the absence of a representative from the Ministry of Water Resources at the hearing, describing it as an unfavorable start for an administration that seeks to reform and improve the welfare of Nigerians. He advised the permanent secretary of the ministry to promptly contact the committee’s clerk to reschedule a new hearing date.

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    In his closing remarks, he emphasized the seriousness of the committee’s work, underscoring that some may have misconstrued their efforts as mere jokes. He cautioned that once they realize the gravity of the situation, it may be too late. Consequently, the committee is offering NPA, NIMASA, Customs, and the Ministry of Water Resources another opportunity to appear before them before the committee proceeds with its next steps.

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