Bandits have taken control of Mining fields in Anka Zamfara State..

    Bandits have taken control of mining areas in Anka Local Government Area (LGA) of Zamfara state. A resident,said they have been living in fear. “We have even forgotten when last we spent a night in the safety of our own homes. The threat of attack is so palpable that we seek refuge in the bush, with some resorting to sleeping on trees or wherever they can find solace.


    “The sound of gunfire from these terrorists is a terrifying backdrop to their daily lives, forcing us to sleep with one eye open due to the pervasive fear. “Anka Local Government, once a peaceful community, is now marred by insecurity, with the possibility of an attack looming large, a haunting 100% at any time and anywhere.

    “The situation has reached such an alarming point that even self-help and community watch guard efforts have been rendered ineffective, as the bandits have grown increasingly powerful, Abdulmutallib Ja’afar, a lecturer at Zamfara State University (ZSU), Talata Mafara, said 60 percent of the state’s security situation was unreported.

    “The state capital, Gusau, has become a perilous place where no one feels safe. The threat of being kidnapped, killed, injured, or having one’s belongings looted is a daily reality for the people,” Ja’afar said. Auwal Durumin-Iya, Security expert and analyst Detective, attributed the security situation in Zamfara to a lack of synergy in the fight against banditry between the state and federal governments.

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