Nigeria has lost over $100 Billion to Insurgency in a decade long conflict..

    The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has disclosed that Nigeria has incurred substantial economic losses amounting to $100 billion as a result of the decade-long conflict in the North-Eastern region. This revelation comes from a report recently issued by the child rights agency.


    As outlined in the report, the immediate consequences of the conflict, including casualties, injuries, livelihood disruption, displacement, and infrastructure damage, have translated into enduring economic repercussions. This is because these repercussions have curtailed the rate of economic growth in the conflict-affected country compared to what it could have achieved if conflict had not taken place.

    The study offers a quantitative assessment of the economic toll resulting from violence and grave violations. It concludes that over the course of the conflict, cumulative losses, which denote the accrued economic harm sustained each year the conflict persisted, have reached an astonishing figure of approximately $100 billion. These monetary measurements serve as an indicator of the missed developmental opportunities that have arisen due to the conflict.

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