UNILAG provides free courses to help people find work.

    The University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka administration is committed to increasing graduate employability through free coursera courses.
    By offering free Coursera courses, the administration of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka has pledged to increase graduates’ employability.

    The management of the University of Lagos has obtained licenses for free online Coursera trainings, according to Adejoke Alaga-Ibraheem, head of UNILAG’s information unit: “As part of efforts to equip students with future-ready skills, up-to-date knowledge, and relevant certifications to improve their employability.”

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    ASU TESOL Professional, Cloud Architecture with Google Cloud, Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud, Computational Thinking for Problem-Solving, Creative Problem Solving, Critical Thinking Skills for the Professional, Collaborative Foresight: How to Game the Future, Communication in the 21st Century Workplace, Developing Innovative Ideas for Product Leaders, and Digital Strategy and Business Opportunities are the Coursera courses that have been suggested for UNILAG undergraduates.

    Others include developing innovative ideas for product leaders, digital leadership and strategy execution, digital channel planning and e-commerce strategy, effective decision- and problem-solving.

    Other topics covered in the course include High-Impact Business Writing, Introduction to Futures Thinking, Google Project Manager, Google UX Designer, Google Data Analyst (R), Google IT Automation (Python), Google IT support, and Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating Immensely Human Interactions.

    The institution advises interested students to visit the website, choose their selected courses, and register using their UNILAG email address.

    Contacting the institution’s CITS at citshelpdesk@unilag.edu.ng is suggested for students without UNILAG email accounts or those experiencing problems with their university’s email accounts.

    Four weeks are allotted for participation in this free course.
    The African Engineering and Technology Network (AFRETEC), with assistance from the MasterCard Foundation, is supporting the free Coursera courses.

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    Six African universities have joined forces to create AFRETEC, an organization that promotes equitable digital development in Africa. It consists of Carnegie Mellon University in Kigali, University of Rwanda, Kigali, University of Nairobi, Kenya, and University of Lagos, Nigeria.

    Since its founding in 1962, the University of Lagos has offered high-quality, research-focused education to Nigerians and everyone else who has entered its purview in quest of knowledge.

    UNILAG has established a reputation for quality and has played a key role in producing elite academics and graduates who have greatly influenced Nigeria’s growth and development, either directly or indirectly.

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