The CBN investigation report to be ready soon, says President Tinubu..

    President Bola Tinubu provided an update on the ongoing efforts to address the issues within the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). He revealed that the report from the Special Investigator, tasked with examining past activities within the CBN, is on the verge of completion.


    In his commitment to a thorough overhaul of the perceived malfeasance within the CBN, President Tinubu highlighted the progress made in constituting a new leadership for the Central Bank. This change in leadership is a pivotal step in the broader initiative to bring about positive transformations in the functioning of the CBN.

    Furthermore, the President emphasized the imminent presentation of findings by his special investigator. These findings will shed light on past lapses within the CBN and propose preventive measures to avoid similar occurrences in the future. The overarching goal is to instill transparency, accountability, and fairness in the monetary policy framework, ensuring that it serves the interests of all citizens and not just a privileged few.

    President Tinubu articulated a vision where monetary policy becomes a tool for the collective benefit of the entire nation, dismantling any perception that it is the exclusive domain of the powerful and wealthy. This commitment underscores a dedication to fostering an inclusive and equitable economic environment, where the impacts of monetary policies are felt by all strata of society. As the report nears completion, it marks a crucial step in the journey towards a reformed and more responsive Central Bank.

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