Naira Marley : Coming home to cleaned my name, Azeez Fashola, better known by his stage name Naira Marley, a well-known Nigerian musician, claimed on Tuesday that he was not to blame for the murder of late musician Mohbad and that he was making preparations to return home to help with the ongoing inquiry into the death of his former signee.

    The Marlian boss revealed this in a statement made public by his management group and posted on his Instagram account.

    Remember that Mohbad passed away on September 12, 2023, and was buried at Ikorodu, Lagos, the next day.

    Following the controversy surrounding the circumstances of the singer’s untimely passing, many have accused Naira Marley of being involved in the singer’s demise.

    Naira Marley responded to the accusations and threats made after Mohbad’s passing by denying any involvement in the former signee’s demise.

    A lot of attacks on my character and person have been made recently due to the passing of my former signee, according to the statement. As a result of his premature passing, all kinds of tales have been concocted to cast blame on me. I’ve not just been stunned.

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    Before I go any further, let me just state that I find it just as difficult to accept the truth of Lleri’s death as many other people do. May God give his family the strength to endure the irreparable loss and may his lovely soul continue to rest in peace.

    naira marley
    naira marley

    Permit me to firmly clarify that I had nothing to do, directly or indirectly, with llerioluwa’s passing. Family conflict, even between blood members, is common in the profession, just like it is in a number of other industries.

    “Truly, we had our fair share of disagreements while working together, but our differences were never as severe as some hirelings have suggested. It never got to the point where people started killing one other off. Even then, before dad had died away, we were settling our commercial disagreements legally.


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    I’ve decided not to speak out since because I’m still grieving over his passing and because I don’t want to endanger the federal authorities’ ongoing investigation.

    Additionally, I have been out from the country since August 31, 2023, and I have yet to come back. I’m making plans to come back to the nation to help with the investigation and provide my version of events in light of the police’s request. I am fully collaborating with the police team, and I have no justification for being on the run as I had nothing to do with his killing.

    “I am confident that whoever killed him had a grudge against me and was inciting the crowd to demand my lynching for reasons they knew about. The world will learn the truth when the circumstances behind Mohbad’s death are revealed. This type of attempt to set someone up scenario is not unique to the industry; other great musicians have gone through similar situations and emerged stronger and better. Since I am not guilty of the charges, mine will not be an exception.

    naira marley with late mohbad
    naira marley with late mohbad

    “The label accepted Mohbad’s departure when he left in September 2022. He has been with oneRPM since Marlian Music did not halt or impede with his career or releases. His issues with the work we had done together were resolved through legal means.

    “The allegations that the label is a drug cartel are unfounded. I am not a drug lord, and I do not belong to any cult or fraternity, either, says Marley. I’m committed to demonstrating my innocence, and I’m working with the police to provide enough proof to exonerate myself.

    “Marlian Music is a tiny, close-knit independent label. We manage a respectable label that prioritizes promoting excellent talent, discovering new performers, and fostering them.

    “Let it be known that I have never engaged in combat with or attacked Mohbad. To be clear, I have never told a friend, known acquaintance, or a supporter to harm, intimidate, or bother Mohbad. No one on our roster of talented performers has ever fought or treated Mohbad badly.

    naira marley with ndlea boss
    naira marley with ndlea boss

    “I offer the family my sincere sympathies. Let’s be careful to keep the police and authorities informed about pertinent details and evidence surrounding his killing while we pursue justice so that the perpetrators can be found. At the end of the day, I am certain of it. The truth will come out, and I’ll be cleared.

    “My attorneys are already in contact with the police and governmental organizations and will provide assistance as needed.

    “I will without a doubt uphold his memory, and I swear to treat his family with respect. “Thank you.”

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