47,007 family planning adoptions are recorded in Kwara

    The Kwara State Ministry of Health’s family planning division revealed on Tuesday that it had tracked 47,007 family planning adoptions from January to June of this year and had counseled 75,848 people during that same time.

    In a press conference to commemorate 2023 Family Planning Day, the state’s family planning coordinator, Ibrahim Bilkees, revealed this information and urged women of reproductive age to practice proper child-spacing in order to take care of themselves.

    Every year on September 26, the day is observed, with the phrase “power of option” serving as the focus.


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    According to Bilkees, the focus of this was raising awareness of the many family planning options available to women, as well as their effects and health advantages.

    She added that it was also intended to boost the use of family planning kits and that when patients make educated decisions after receiving counseling, medical professionals will assess the client’s body system before prescribing certain contraceptives.

    Bilkees pointed out that the unit engages in outreach to communities, mobilizes clients from those communities to the facility, has conversations with men and women who are of reproductive age, and provides family planning services to those people.

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    While stating that no type of contraception was 100 percent effective, she urged women to visit government-accredited institutions to get greater care and attention.

    However, the state coordinator praised Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s initiatives and dedication to enhancing the state’s delivery of healthcare services.

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