Communities in Bauchi demand government action to resolve the blackout, Due to the current security threat created by the complete blackout that has been occurring in the area for the past month, the Bauchi state administration has been called quickly to save the villages in Sabon Layi and Birshi Gandu in the Yelwa Area.


    The community, which is located at Rafin Zurfi in the Miri District of the Bauchi Local Government Area, has been without electricity for more than 30 days as a result of the Jos Electricity Distribution Company’s relocation of the old transformer.

    The business had pledged to fix the broken down facilities in a week, but it broke its word.

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    In an interview with newsmen, Mr. Ayuba Habila Salem, the head of the Birshi-Gandu Community Development Association, raised worry.

    According to him, a single transformer, especially one that is outdated, is not enough to meet the electricity needs of more than 3,000 dwellings, which together house an estimated 10,000 people.

    The organization had no choice but to ask the government for help with a new transformer, just as it had done for other communities in Bauchi, according to the community chairman, who wrote a letter to the state ministry of power, science, and technology.

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    Habila Salem also urged the state Ministry of Power, Science, and Technology to keep its word. She emphasized that the month-long blackout had put the residents of Sabon Layi Birshi Gandu through unspeakable misery because it had paralyzed local business operations.

    He further requested JEDCO to take into account the financial income loss the firm will experience during this time as well as the pressure this blackout may have on the relationship between the company and its customers of electrical services.

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