Why the DNA test for Mohbad son needs to be completed in my presence – father

    Joseph Aloba, father of the late Nigerian musician Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, also known as Mohbad, gave an explanation of why he thought it was necessary to do the Deoxyribonucleic Acid, or DNA, test on his deceased child Liam in front of him.

    Aloba brought up the necessity to resolve the contentious debate among Nigerians regarding the child’s paternity as well as other matters pertaining to the former Marlian musician and his spouse.

    The late singer’s father emphasized the significance of the test in an interview with Stams TV on Wednesday. He also refuted a rumor that DNA testing was done in a post by well-known comedian OGBCultist, who is thought to be Mohbad’s friend.

    Additionally, he suggested doing the test at two distinct hospitals to guarantee the veracity of the findings.

     Mohbad son

    “They absolutely have to do the DNA test,” Aloba declared. It is what Nigerians are requesting. I’m Mohbad’s father, so I’ll consent to the DNA test or send someone to represent me if I can’t be present to find out how they’ll do it, despite rumors that they carried it out. And even if they do decide to do it, it need to be done in two distinct locations so we can be absolutely certain and know the truth.


    Additionally, Olu Ikere, who visited me earlier, recently left my side in Ikere, Ekiti, where I am from. Since this is the sole child Mohbad claimed he left for me, I will be overjoyed if this child is indeed his. Where I come from, we don’t take in bastards. I was with him three days before he passed away; he even fed me and put Liam on my hands while he snapped shots.

    In order to complete his child’s funeral ceremonies, he said, he is also interested in the police wrapping up their investigation.

    “I’m going to give the police chief a call to see if we can bury him. In fact, a lot of people have claimed to have seen Mohbad’s ghost, and this is only conceivable since he isn’t buried. He expressed his desire to have this investigated as soon as feasible.

    According to The PUNCH, MohBad, who was 27, passed away on September 12, 2023. His passing caused national outcry among Nigerians, with his former label boss, Azeez Fashola, also known as Naira Marley, and his associate, Samson Balogun, also known as Sam Larry, named as two of the five main suspects.

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