At Last, A DNA Test Verifies That Mohbad Is Liam’s Father

    A DNA test on Mohbad’s son, Liam, has confirmed that Mohbad is really the father, according to OGB Recent, a friend of the late Nigerian singer.

    This declaration coincides with earlier assertions that Liam’s father, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, may not be.

    Prior to this, Gistlover has covered the demands made by Nigerians for a DNA test to establish the real paternity of the late singer’s kid, Liam.

    Some people deemed the demands for a DNA test on Mohbad’s five-month-old kid Liam to be “insensitive,” while others stressed the importance of doing one in light of his wife’s alleged adultery.

    DNA Test

    It is now being said, several days later, that the test has been conducted and it has verified that the late Mohbad is, in fact, the father.

    “DNA test confirms Mohbad is his son’s father,” said OGB Recent.

    Concerned people have voiced their ideas in the comment area in response to this report.

    View a few responses below:

    @coded_ganiu: “To be honest, the DNA test doesn’t truly show she’s innocent. Unverified claims persist of a potential relationship between Mohbad and her, including their dispute in the car, her offering him a cloth to wear, and other incidents. I hope the police look into this properly and find the guilty parties.

    @HammedJayeola: “How quickly someone can run and tweet, and how quickly someone can go again and talk against it. This is not a screenshot I took. Time shall tell.

    @InterntH0F: “Where are all the folks on Twitter who were disparaging and berating her, saying she wasn’t worthy of the child? Please come to apologize.

    “Those who really wanted the DNA test can now donate for the child if they don’t want thunder to strike,” said @alpha_2wits.

    In all honesty, this presumption was absurd, said @AkosuaAmpofowah. I would never do that to appease someone’s curiosity if I were the wife.

    “How sure they didn’t rig the result if it can take almost a month and the wife to the announce it, I doubt the result,” asked @JohnNora19.

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    imole and his son liam

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