Vice President Shettima Assures Nigerians of Transformation under President Tinubu’s Administration

    Addressing the Nigerian community in Russia, Vice President Kashim Shettima outlined the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The Vice President’s remarks resonated with optimism for a brighter future, with an emphasis on economic regeneration and leveraging Nigeria’s potential.

    Ajaokuta Steel Complex and ALSCON

    The administration’s commitment to completing the Ajaokuta Steel Complex and reviving ALSCON was emphasized by Transforming Industries Vice President Shettima. These initiatives were viewed as game-changing ones that would strengthen Nigeria’s industrial capabilities and demonstrate President Tinubu’s dedication to national development.

    Empowering Nigeria’s Youth:

    A Digital Revolution Highlighting Nigeria’s youthful demographic advantage, the Vice President discussed plans to equip one million Nigerians with digital skills. By capitalizing on the opportunities offered by the digital space, the administration aimed to position Nigeria as a hub for talent and innovation, contributing significantly to the global workforce.

    Cultural Diplomacy

    Strengthening International Relations Vice President Shettima’s engagement in the Annual Arts Exhibition of the Nigerian Embassy underscored the importance of cultural diplomacy. By showcasing the talents of young Russian artists under the theme “I imagine Nigeria,” the event became a platform for deepening ties between Nigeria and Russia. The administration’s commitment to enhancing bilateral relations through such initiatives was acknowledged and appreciated by the Nigerian community representatives.


    VP Shettima’s assurances conveyed hope for Nigeria under Tinubu’s administration. The transformative agenda outlined focused on revitalizing the economy, empowering youth through digital skills training, strengthening international relations through cultural diplomacy. The government’s dedication to projects like Ajaokuta Steel Complex and ALSCON demonstrated determination for industrial growth. The emphasis on youth development and engaging with the international community reflected a forward-looking approach. The message of the event inspired hope for Nigeria’s progress and prosperity.