The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) issued a warning on Monday, stating that if there is another increase in the price of fuel while the ongoing negotiations are not concluded and palliatives are not implemented first, its members will begin a nationwide strike action without giving the Federal Government any official notice.

    Comrade Joe Ajaero, president of the NLC, made this statement at the current African Alliance of Trade Unions gathering in Abuja. Ajaero urged the Federal government to change “those bad economic policies that make our wages next to nothing” in response to the Registrar of Trade Unions’ advice on how labor should behave as they carry out their duties of protecting the interests of workers and, by extension, Nigerians.

    NLC Rally.

    We are now here. The price of petroleum products at the pump may be raised. But for a while now, the Labor Minister has only gone to the Justice Minister to request an injunction to restrain Labor from responding. They have begun tossing about the concept that the cost of petroleum goods will probably rise. But allow me to add this. Nigerian workers won’t give any advance notice of a strike. If the effects of the last two gasoline price rises have not been addressed, and we wake up from sleep to find that the price of fuel has been changed once more.

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    Ajaero continued, “I want to beg the government to check those awful economic policies that make our wages virtually nothing. We will feel at ease no matter where we are if you stop implementing the policies that cause inflation and currency devaluation. We will request that you maintain the minimum wage at 30,000 naira if the naira and the dollar are currently equal.

    We will request that you leave the situation as it is if inflation is checked to zero. However, inflation is out of control, and the National Bureau of Statistics acknowledges that over 133 million Nigerians are multidimensionally poor. I believe that the government should focus on these problems. The inflation that would result from a pay increase tomorrow will obliterate it.He added, “The Nigerian police, the IG, is now handling the Ministry of Labor’s responsibilities. The Ministry of Labour is responsible for handling both inter- and intra-union disputes. The Inspector General of Police is not authorized to enter that region. I also believe there is a need.

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    We assert that it was legitimate and demand an apology from the chief of police for considering or actually having the president of the National Union of Road Transport Workers arrested on election night for any reason. In the history of this nation, it has never happened. And never should be entertained again. We won’t spend too much time in the Nigerian police’s headquarters because they are harassing Nigerian workers. Let them engage us with the same weapon that was purchased with the workers’ tax tonight.”Go and pick up your duties for the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Police. It is your responsibility to refer disputes to NIC even when there is an intra- or inter-party conflict.

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