Minister of Agriculture, Abubakar Kyari, has disclosed that the Federal Government is implementing a 50% subsidy for wheat farmers in the upcoming dry season farming, aiming to boost substantial wheat production in the country.


    After inspecting various seed wheat productions in Kano, Mr. Kyari spoke to reporters, expressing the government’s firm commitment to promoting extensive wheat production for both local consumption and foreign export activities.

    During his visits to Kano and Jigawa, where he supervised seed production, the minister expressed satisfaction with the local production, highlighting Jigawa State’s significant contribution with 40,000 hectares of land for wheat farming, nearing the Federal Government’s target of 70,000 hectares for the year.

    Mr. Kyari emphasized the government’s efforts to ensure an adequate supply of seeds to cover the designated 70,000 hectares, aiming to phase out wheat importation before the next year’s irrigation farming. Importing wheat has been draining Nigeria’s foreign reserves, and the government seeks to address this issue through local production.

    He outlined the government’s broader plan to secure the nation’s food production, achieve self-sufficiency, and ultimately eliminate the need for seed importation in the next 4-5 years. This strategic approach is expected to enhance food production and security in Nigeria.

    The minister visited key locations, including the National Wheat Council Warehouses at Sharada, AA Albasu Grains Company, and Alyumna Seeds Production Company.

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