According to a report citing the Military high command, there are schemes to motivate members of the Nigerian military forces to topple the country’s democratically elected government, which is led by President Bola Tinubu.

    The military, which flourishes and is content with democracy, won’t take part in any scheme to undermine Nigeria’s hard-won democracy, according to the command, who also predicted that the attempt will fail.

    The development was referred to as “unpatriotic and wicked” by Tukur Gusau, a brigadier-general and the head of defense information, in an early-morning message sent to Daily Trust on Saturday.He declared that rather than attempting to topple the current democratic administration, the military will continue to uphold its constitutional duties. He declared that no coup would be attempted by the Nigerian armed forces.He continued, underlining that Nigeria’s armed forces would not be diverted, that the military would continue to uphold its constitutional duties rather than plotting a coup against the current democratic government.

    President Bola Tinubu.

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    According to the Newspaper, Gusau’s statement came after some Nigerians asked that the military assume control of the country because they believed democratic governments had failed.However, the senior military official made it clear in his speech that the Nigerian armed forces, under the direction of Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Christopher Musa, would not engage in any sort of disobedience for any reason.The senior military member referred to the reports as “highly unpatriotic, wicked, and an attempt to distract the armed forces of Nigeria from performing its constitutional duties.”

    Gen Gusau

    Gusau vehemently refuted claims that the Nigerian military neglected its troops, emphasizing that it would not allow any one individual or group to encourage military officers against the ruling party.The defence headquarters disapproves of a report that is being shared online detailing welfare problems in Nigeria’s armed services, according to Gusau. We would like to emphasize categorically that the military is content and thrives better in a democratic society and that it will not participate in any actions that undermine the hard-won democracy in our nation.

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