Policeman who assassinated Lagos attorney Bolanle Lawal was sentenced to death by a judge

    Drambi Vandi, the policeman who was placed on administrative leave after fatally shooting lawyer Bolanle Raheem in Lagos, was given a death by hanging verdict by the Lagos State High Court.

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    On Monday, Ibironke Harrison, the judge, declared the policeman guilty of murder.

    “The defendant was convicted of murder on one count by the court. Harrison said, “You will be hanged by the neck until you die.

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    According to Vanguard, on December 25, 2022, Vandi allegedly killed Mrs. Raheem at the Ajah roundabout in Lagos when she was pregnant.

    The policeman was a member of the state’s Ajah region’s Ajiwe police division.

    Nigerians strongly criticized Vandi’s horrific crime, and he was suspended two days later.

    The defendant was later arraigned after the Lagos State Government filed a one-count charge of killing the lawyer against him.

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    The husband, sister, police armorer, pathologist, and seven other witnesses have all testified against the defendant since the court case began in January.

    The defense presented 27 exhibits.

    Vandi was the only witness to provide a defense-only testimony.
    Vandi testified in court and informed the judge that the bullet claimed to have killed Mrs. Raheem did not originate from the rifle he was carrying on the day of the event.

    Additionally, he asserted that prior to it being shown in court, he had never seen the bullet.

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