Tinubu departs for UNGA78 in New York. In order to strengthen Nigeria’s economic relations and draw foreign direct investments to the nation, President Bola Tinubu will leave Abuja on Sunday for New York, USA, to attend the 78th United Nations General Assembly.

    This was disclosed by Ajuri Ngelale, Tinubu’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, on Friday when he addressed State House Correspondents on the President’s schedule of events leading up to the forthcoming UNGA, which would take place from September 18 to 26, 2023.

    The media assistant announced, “On Sunday, His Excellency President Bola Tinubu will depart Abuja for New York to attend the United Nations General Assembly of 2023.”

    World leaders will discuss and argue during the gathering on how to “confront the global polycrisis and find strategies to accelerate action on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” according to information on the UN Foundation website.

    Ngelale emphasized the President’s trip to New Delhi for the G-20 meeting and the ensuing investments it brought to Nigeria, saying “Tinubu is going to continue advancing very aggressively on his economic development, diplomatic drive, to attract foreign direct investment into the country.”

    He said that the President will debate digital transformation, innovation, and investment in Nigeria at roundtable discussions with eminent CEOs of multinational corporations. Leaders from Microsoft, Meta, General Electric, and Exxon Mobil are among them.

    Tinubu departs to New York.
    Tinubu departs to New York.

    According to Ngelale, Tinubu will meet with Microsoft President Brad Smith to discuss “how we can deepen digital transformation in the country and how we can expand the digital economic footprint in the country to ensure that our micro and small enterprises will have access to the internet and have access to other smart technologies that will facilitate their ability to transact business quickly and efficiently.”

    The session with Sir Nick Clegg, the President of Global Affairs at Meta Technologies, “is expected to be a wide-ranging conversation with respect to how we can leverage new innovations such as artificial intelligence and certain other applications to impact the way we do business in Nigeria.”

    He will also get to know Larry Culp Jr., the CEO of General Electric. The Presidential aide noted GE’s holdings in a number of industries, including energy, aviation, and automobiles, among others, and added, “We expect that to be a very important interaction.

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    Aides to the president commented on Tinubu’s meeting with Exxon Mobil Chief Darren Woods, saying, “We see this as a major opportunity to once again lay out in detail what Nigeria has to offer concerning the implementation of the petroleum industry Act and the fiscal and tax incentives that President Bola Tinubu is putting forward to advance investment in the oil and gas sector, not just in terms of oil, but more so in terms of gas.”

    Additionally, he pointed out that the UNGA will give the President a platform to advance the causes of Nigeria’s small and medium-sized businesses.

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    Ngelale asserts that the strategic positioning of the Nigeria Small and Medium size Business Summit will ensure “that we don’t just look at the large industry, that we key in on opportunities being presented by Nigerian-owned small and medium scale enterprises.”

    President Tinubu is scheduled to discuss urgent global challenges, like as the reform of the global financial architecture and climate change, in addition to economic matters.

    The Presidential aide emphasized that in these forums, he plans to outline a more equitable global financial system and go into further detail about Nigeria’s plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2060.

    He mentioned that Tinubu would take part in a number of conferences, such as those on the SDGs and climate ambition.

    Additionally, bilateral encounters with foreign leaders will emphasize economic development diplomacy even more.

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    UNGA78 summit

    These engagements, according to the Ngelale, include side-by-side meetings with the president of the United States, Joe Biden, the chairman of the African Union from the Comoros, Azali Assoumani, the presidents of South Africa and Brazil, Cyril Ramaphosa and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the prime ministers of Aljeria and Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the European Union Commission’s Ursula von

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