NLC support in advancing  negotiations, Before the NLC’s 21-day deadline, the Federal Government and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) have agreed to continue discussions about post-subsidy withdrawal relief measures for workers.

    They both promised to find answers to the most important demands put out to the government by organized labor before the deadline.

    This was said by Mr. Simon Lalong, Minister of Labour and Employment, to reporters after a private meeting with the NLC on Monday in Abuja.

    The minister arranged the meeting in an effort to resolve various problems, including the scheduled walkout by organized labor.

    federal ministry of labour and employment
    federal ministry of labour and employment

    Recall that the NLC had vowed to go on strike starting on September 21 due to the immense hardship that the elimination of fuel subsidies would cause for the general public.

    He said that we had productive discussions on many of the issues that the NLC had previously brought up in front of the Federal Government.

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    Before the final agreement, several of the proposals given by Labour were still being thought over, he said.

    However, the minister affirmed the Federal Government’s commitment to addressing the issues presented by the NLC on behalf of workers.

    He pointed out that the government was committed to resolving the problems in a fair and just manner while acknowledging the legitimate complaints that had sparked the recent crisis.

    As the NLC takes steps to ensure the wellbeing of workers, he also asked them to take into account the country’s economic situation.

    NLC Rally

    In addressing the worries of the workers, he stated, “we must be mindful of striking a balance that promotes economic growth and ensures sustainable progress for our country.”

    He urged organized labor to collaborate with the government to research policies that would improve working conditions and employee benefits while simultaneously fostering a strong economy.

    “Today, I urge all of you to participate in a civil and constructive conversation.

    Minister of Labour and Employment
    Minister of Labour and Employment

    This will help us close any gaps between the interests of workers and the overarching objective of promoting economic growth, according to Lalong.

    Both parties have agreed to continue deliberating in order to reach a genuine compromise before the ultimatum expires, according to Mr. Joe Ajaero, NLC President.

    Ajaero claims that we had an open discussion on the Nigeria Police’s attempted and successful coup against the National Union of Road Transport Workers.

    “That resulted in their democratically elected national officers being detained, and both parties concurred to express worry for the issue’s settlement.

    You can see that there is no agreement or implementation on the other issue. CNG is not present anywhere.


    “Refineries don’t operate. There is no pay award agreement. These are the matters where we anticipate progress before the deadline has passed. There is a chance that something will occur.

    He stated, “We had a friendly discussion with the minister and we hope that even if it takes another day, we will get to the bottom of all these issues.He stated, “We had a friendly discussion with the minister and we hope that even if it takes another day, we will get to the bottom of all these issues.

    Whenever we are invited, he added, we will attend. Prior to the expiration of the ultimatum, both sides will try to achieve these goals. (NAN)

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