Senate warns President Tinubu agains extravagant spending..

    On Tuesday, the Senate issued a warning to President Bola Tinubu, advising against illegal spending and urging him to seek a supplementary budget for the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) initiative. Led by Senator Jarigbe Jarigbe, the Senate’s Committee on Gas emphasized the need for the executive arm to promptly present a 2023 Supplementary Budget to the National Assembly to initiate the CNG project.


    While expressing appreciation for Tinubu’s CNG initiative, the committee underscored the importance of adhering to legal processes, stating that extra-budgetary spending goes against the law. The chairman, Senator Jarigbe, acknowledged the positive impact of the CNG revolution in powering vehicles and suggested that a supplementary budget would be essential to fund various aspects of the gas value chain, including CNG infrastructure and vehicles.

    The senators stressed their commitment to supporting initiatives that bring relief to the citizens but emphasized the necessity of proper budgetary approval to ensure transparency and legality in government spending. They cautioned against resorting to “Ways and Means” for extra-budgetary expenditure, affirming the legislature’s readiness to collaborate on projects that benefit the public within the bounds of the law.

    In summary, while acknowledging the positive impact of the CNG initiative, the Senate advised President Tinubu to adhere to legal processes, urging the presentation of a supplementary budget for the CNG project to ensure proper funding and compliance with the law.

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