Nigerian Army Court set to deliver judgment on Major General’s $1.5 million theft case..

    The Nigerian Army Special Court Martial, based in Abuja, has scheduled October 10 for the judgment in a multi-billion naira case against Major General Umaru Muhammed. The court martial has also declared Maj. Gen. Muhammed guilty of the theft of $1.476 million.


    Maj.-Gen. Umaru Muhammed served as the group managing director of Nigerian Army Properties Limited (NAPL). The court, presided over by Maj.-Gen. James Myam, revealed on Wednesday that during the trial, the accused had pleaded not guilty and presented two witnesses.

    The court found Maj.-Gen. Muhammed guilty of stealing $1.04 million between May 7, 2019, and June 24, 2021, while serving as the GMD of NAPL. He was also found guilty of instructing Maj. Usman and another individual, who is currently at large, to collect money from ship owners in dollars.

    While he was not found guilty on count 7, related to a criminal conspiracy to forge a document in collaboration with Yusuf Abdulahi, he was found guilty of forgery concerning counts 8 and 9, which involved stealing $430,800.

    The court also found Maj.-Gen. Muhammed guilty of conspiracy to forge documents, selling the company’s property for N200 million after no longer serving at NAPL, and dishonestly taking N74 million from the company’s account on August 22, 2019.

    Regarding counts 14, 15, 16, and 18, which pertained to criminal misappropriation, the court stated that the accused could not account for N2.5 billion belonging to the company. On count 17, where the general was accused of withdrawing N750 million from the company’s account, the court held that the prosecution failed to prove their allegation beyond a reasonable doubt. The judgment on the matter is scheduled for Tuesday, October 10.

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