Reps will allocate to Cameroon the area of Adamawa. The Sina territory in Michika Local Government territory of Adamawa State must be immediately given to the Republic of Cameroon, according to a directive from the House of Representatives ad hoc committee on international border disputes.

    The decision was made by the committee’s chairman, Beni Lar, at a hearing on a number of persistent boundary hotspots along the Nigeria-Cameroon border that run from the area around Lake Chad to the estuaries of the Cross River.

    The purpose of the hearing was also to evaluate how the military, paramilitary organizations, and security services contribute to maintaining the nation’s borders and territorial integrity.

    Adamu Adaji, the director general of the National Boundary Commission (NBC), Adamu Kamale, the solicitor general of the federation, Beatrice Jedy-Agba, who represented the federation’s attorney general, and representatives from security agencies were all present at the hearing.

    We need to find a solution and keep talking to the concerned community and border commission, Lar remarked. We’ll first conduct an investigation before getting involved.

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    Communities have rights, and those rights must be taken into account. It is necessary to postpone this demarcation until the conflicts are settled. It ought to be put on hold while this committee decides what to do. We would travel to Adamawa and produce a thorough report.We completed the first phase of this, which was identical to the DANARE-BIAJUA AXIS of Cross River State. As a result, the speaker added the SINA AREA to the committee’s mandate at Dauda Nyampa’s request.

    We will converse as usual about the potential handover of SINA to Cameroon. After that, we travel to Adamawa for a “on-the-spot fact-finding visit” of which we have informed the governor.

    “The second aspect of this interactive briefing, which is very important and crucial, focuses on the role of the military, paramilitary, and security agencies in protecting Nigeria’s borders and territorial integrity. The purpose of this briefing is to use the Army and other security agencies’ inputs as the guarantee of our national security.

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    This is due to the fact that during the committee’s previous visit to Cross River State, we discovered that there were no security posts or barracks of any kind along our land borders, despite the fact that such facilities are there on the Cameroon side of borders, which is why this interactive session with our security formations was required.

    Adamu Adaji, the director general of NBC, stated that the delineation was being done in accordance with an ICJ decision.

    According to him, the sub-commission on demarcation has so far installed 2,214 pillars along the Nigeria-Cameroon border.

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    “The International Court of Justice’s decision regarding the Adamawa State sector of the Nigeria-Cameroon border is based on treaties and accords that the colonial overlords had signed.

    ”The courts determined that these treaties and accords should be used to re-establish the boundary and upheld them. There are records that attest to the fact that this boundary has been in place for some time, therefore it is not a brand-new one.

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    “Use this document to re-establish the boundary as it has always been recognized,” he stated, quoting the court’s directive.

    Adamu Kamale, a spokesperson of Sina Area, claimed that the disputed area was always a part of Nigeria and never a settlement.

    “From Lake Chad to Bakassi, the ICJ ruled on several communities based on different criteria,” Kamale said, noting that the community was never taken into account during the entire demarcation procedure.

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