The APC National Chairman and the immediate past governor of Kano State, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, was quoted as saying, “Under my leadership, the APC will assimilate opposition parties.” He also revealed his strategy for expanding his party’s membership, saying, “This will undoubtedly enhance our party’s prospects, particularly in 2027. Additionally, we’re unveiling a fresh blueprint to broaden our party’s support base, encompassing officials from all levels—both existing APC members and those from other political factions. In due course, some of these parties may even unite with the APC, a process we’re currently undertaking discreetly.”


    In reference to his recent encounter with Nyesom Wike, a prominent stalwart within the leading opposition party and an appointed Minister, the Chairman of the APC graciously acknowledged the considerable potential and contributions that Wike could bring to the APC’s fold. However, it is important to clarify that their confidential discourse was primarily centered around Wike’s impending responsibilities in his designated ministerial capacity, with no substantial emphasis on his inclinations or intentions concerning a departure from the PDP.

    The Chairman lauded Wike’s esteemed status as a Minister-designate, underscoring their meeting’s focal point on his forthcoming role within the government. During their interaction, mutual felicitations were exchanged, and Wike ardently conveyed his determination to undertake his designated ministerial duties with utmost dedication and effectiveness. It is noteworthy, though, that the intricate matter of Wike’s prospective transition into the APC was not extensively traversed during this specific exchange, suggesting that this particular subject could potentially become a more substantial point of discussion at a later juncture.

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