The federal government to enroll another 5 million youths to N-Power..

    The Federal Government has established an ambitious target of generating five million jobs for youths over the next five years through the ongoing review of the N-Power program. Dr. Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, outlined the plan to create one million jobs annually, emphasizing that the review aims to instill confidence in the program.


    The National Programme Manager, Dr. Akindele Egbuwalo, cited the ongoing restructuring efforts under the guidance of the minister. Additionally, Dr. Edu disclosed that the review process involves the introduction of more programs across various sectors, encompassing education, health, work, agriculture, technology, fashion, and entertainment.

    Dr. Edu clarified that the suspension of the program is a necessary measure to facilitate a comprehensive investigation into its operations over the past 12 months. The objective is to audit the enrollment numbers, assess the status of participants who have exited the program, scrutinize owed payments, ascertain work participation, and scrutinize fund utilization.

    The statement further highlights that, since its inception, a total of 960,000 individuals have been enrolled in N-Power. Many have completed their tenure in NPower 1.0 and NPower 2.0 batches A and B. The suspension is deemed essential to address concerns such as beneficiaries expecting payments despite lapses in participation since 2022. This comprehensive evaluation and restructuring aim to ensure the transparency, efficiency, and success of the N-Power program as it strives to empower and uplift Nigerian youths.

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