Aviation Minister Keyamo warns chief executives of aviation agencies.

    Minister of Aviation and Aerospace, Mr. Festus Keyamo, has issued a stern warning to chief executives of aviation agencies under his Ministry. Having signed a performance bond with President Tinubu’s government, Keyamo emphasized the consequences of failure, stating, “I’d rather get you sacked than lose my job.”

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    During a retreat with the President and fellow Ministers, a performance bond was signed, with Keyamo signing his own the following day. Addressing the CEOs of aviation agencies, he outlined the stakes, saying, “On this side, it is either I get sacked or they get sacked. So, it is a race to who will survive. That’s what I have told all my CEOs, somebody must die first but before I die I will take you down.”

    Keyamo stressed the purpose of the retreat was to gather input from industry experts to enhance the roadmap and focus areas for making the Aviation Sector world-class. He urged a shift away from blame games and a focus on problem-solving within the industry.

    Highlighting President’s economic plan, Keyamo integrated it into the industry’s focus areas for development, aligning with the three-year economic revival plan aimed at addressing socioeconomic challenges and fostering economic growth, prosperity, and poverty alleviation in Nigeria.

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