The Federal Government has announced a delay in the commencement of operations for the 37 new universities approved by the previous administration, which was led by former President Muhammadu Buhari. The approval for the establishment of these universities was granted shortly before the end of Buhari’s tenure. Education Minister Tahir Mamman revealed this decision after a meeting with President Bola Tinubu in Abuja on Wednesday.


    Mamman explained that the delay is a strategic move, acknowledging the financial requirements for ensuring effective and efficient educational programs at these universities. President Tinubu, after careful consideration, decided that the initiation of these universities should be phased in gradually rather than immediately. This approach allows a comprehensive assessment of each university’s strengths and advantages, with a focus on aligning their offerings with the skills needed for national economic growth.

    The minister emphasized that the intent is not to scrap these universities but to evaluate their areas of specialization, ensuring that they contribute meaningfully to the skill development of the nation’s youth. The new administration is committed to promoting a university education system that equips students with practical skills beneficial to both individuals and the broader economy.

    Additionally, the government is actively addressing challenges related to states’ limited access to funds from the Universal Basic Education Board (UBEC). This underscores the administration’s dedication to resolving key issues in the education sector to enhance overall educational outcomes and national development.

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