Mohbad Speaker and commissioner from Oyo join demonstration, calling for justice.

    On Wednesday, a group of young people gathered in Ibadan to protest in a peaceful manner the passing of Ilerioluwa Aloba, better known as Mohbad, a singer who was 27 years old.

    The demonstrators, who called for justice for Mohbad, marched from Mokola to Sango, Bodija, Iwo Road, Gate; Dugbe, Ring Road; Apata, Iyaganku; and finally, to the Oyo State Secretariat in Ibadan, where it culminated.

    The demonstrators, who were all dressed in black, brandished signs reading “Justice for Mohbad” and sang songs of unity.

    Both Mr. Debo Ogundoyin, the Speaker of the Oyo State House of Assembly, and Hon. Adegoke Wasilat, the State Commissioner for Youths and Sports, joined the demonstration while wearing black T-shirts.

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    Ogundoyin thanked the demonstrators for standing up for one of their own, saying that their peaceful demonstration to demand justice for the late musician was admirable.

    The deceased was a gifted and intensely motivated young artist, the speaker added, whose songs were poetic and melodic, and whose death was heartbreaking and shocking.

    The late singer, who rose from the grass to elegance, demonstrated a strong enthusiasm for music, the speaker continued.


    Ilerioluwa Aloba’s untimely death in unexplained circumstances is regrettable. The Nigeria Police Force’s investigating team must do their duty diligently.

    “Everyone involved in the young man’s death must be looked into, and the reason for his passing must be discovered.

    “Why didn’t the police look into a petition he sent them regarding ongoing threats to his life?

    “There are video footage that show Mohbad being assaulted and bullied, but no one was ever detained or charged at the time.

    He added that despite his gloomy circumstances, “He also made some audio recordings of them, but the security agencies did nothing to secure Mohbad’s life.”

    Ogundoyin characterized the late singer’s death as pitiful and abhorrent.

    Mr. Kunle Eniafe, one of the protest’s organizers, expressed resentment over Mohbad’s demise.

    He pleaded with police to find the killers of the musician immediately.He claimed that unless justice is served, Nigerian youths would hold protests all throughout the nation.

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