The Federal Government, operating through the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, has initiated a comprehensive procedure for the selection and appointment of new permanent secretaries. This step aims to address both newly arising openings and pre-existing vacancies within the civil service framework.


    Outlined in an internal memorandum dated August 21, 2023, and bearing the signature of the esteemed Head of Service, Folashade Yemi-Esan, it has been explicitly communicated that the process of enlisting fresh permanent secretaries is being instigated subsequent to the President’s endorsement. This presidential approval pertains to the recruitment and appointment of permanent secretaries within the federal civil service domain.

    The primary focus of this initiative is to address positions that have become vacant due to retirements, specifically targeting Bauchi State and the North-East geopolitical zone. These regions have experienced the departure of their former permanent secretaries due to retirement. Additionally, this effort is geared towards preemptively filling anticipated vacancies in the near future. The geographical areas encompassed are Ebonyi, Niger, Oyo, Katsina, Kogi State, and the North-Central geopolitical zone. These regions are expected to witness the retirement of their current permanent secretaries on or before December 31, 2023.

    As stipulated in the memo, the criteria for participation in this appointment process are as follows: Eligible candidates must have reached the rank of substantive director at Salary Grade Level 17 on or prior to January 1, 2021. Furthermore, they are required to have meticulously updated their records on the IPPIS (Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System) verification portal. Geographical origin is also a significant determinant; only officers hailing from the states listed in the initial paragraph of the memo are eligible to partake. It is also emphasized that candidates should not have intentions of retiring from active service earlier than December 31, 2025. Notably, individuals currently undergoing disciplinary procedures are expressly excluded from engaging in this exercise.

    The implementation of these stringent yet transparent criteria ensures a fair and just selection process, contributing to the vitality and effectiveness of the federal civil service. By addressing vacancies with precision and adhering to a well-defined set of qualifications, this initiative seeks to uphold the standards of excellence in public administration while enabling a smooth transition within the administrative structure.

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