Marry My Husband A Korean Romantic Comedy, South Korea is known for its vibrant and diverse entertainment industry, and romantic comedies (rom-coms) have become a popular genre among Korean audiences. The 2023 television series “Marry My Husband” is a delightful addition to the rom-com genre, captivating viewers with its heartwarming story, engaging characters, and comedic moments.

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    The story revolves around Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young), a woman who has dedicated her life to her family and her husband. However, she discovers that her husband has been having an affair with her best friend. Heartbroken and betrayed, Ji-won is determined to get revenge. She meets Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi-kyung), a man who is also struggling in his own relationship. Together, they devise a plan to get back at their cheating partners by pretending to be married.


    • Drama: Marry My Husband (English & literal title)
    • Director: Park Won-Gook
    • Writer: Seong So Jak (webcomic), Shin Yoo-Dam
    • Network: tvN
    • Episodes: Yet
    • Release Date: January 1, 2024 —
    • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 20:50
    • Language: Korean
    • Country: South Korea


    Park Min Young New Drama Marry My Husband Lee Yi Kyung COVER
    • Park MinYoung – Kang Ji-Won
    • Na In-Woo – Yoo Ji-Hyeok
    • Lee Yi-Kyung – Park Min-Hwan
    • Song Ha-Yoon – Jung Soo-Min
    • Lee Gi-Kwang – Baek Eun-Ho
    • Gong Min-Jung – Yang Joo-Ran

    About Marry My Husband: A Korean Romantic Comedy

    “Marry My Husband” (Korean) a forthcoming South Korean television series penned by Shin Yoo-dam. The cast features Park Min-young, Na In-woo, Lee Yi-kyung, and Song Ha-yoon. Adapted from a web novel with the same title, which was serialized as a webtoon, the series is set to debut on January 1, 2024. Viewers can catch it on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 20:50.

    In “Marry My Husband,” Kang Ji-Won (played by Park Min-Young) grapples with a challenging marriage to Park Min-Hwan (Lee Yi-Kyung), whose selfishness and his overbearing mother strain their relationship. As the family’s primary provider, Kang Ji-Won shoulders both financial responsibilities and all household chores, while her unemployed and indebted husband adds to her burdens. The plot takes a dramatic turn when Kang Ji-Won discovers she has cancer, with limited time left to live. Complicating matters, she witnesses an affair between her husband, Park Min-Hwan, and her close friend Jung Soo-Min (Song Ha-Yoon). In a shocking altercation, Kang Ji-Won is fatally harmed by her husband.

    Na In Woo and Song Ha Yoon New Drama MARRY MY HUSBAND COVER
    Na In Woo and Song Ha Yoon New Drama MARRY MY HUSBAND COVER

    However, the narrative pivots as Kang Ji-Won unexpectedly wakes up in the past, a decade earlier when she was still dating Park Min-Hwan. Determined to alter her fate, she resolves to orchestrate a marriage between Jung Soo-Min and Park Min-Hwan. Meanwhile, Yoo Ji-Hyeok (Na In-Woo), working alongside Kang Ji-Won, harbors a crush on her. As he gradually expresses his feelings, a hidden secret unfolds, adding another layer of complexity to the unfolding story.

    Engaging Characters and Comedic Moments

    The characters in “Marry My Husband” are well-developed and relatable. Ji-won is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself. Min-hwan is a kind and compassionate man who is looking for a second chance at love. The supporting cast is also memorable, adding depth and humor to the story.

    A Tale of Love, Revenge, and Self-Discovery

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    “Marry My Husband” is more than just a lighthearted rom-com; it’s a story about love, revenge, and self-discovery. Ji-won’s journey is one of resilience and self-acceptance. As she navigates the challenges of her newfound relationship with Min-hwan, she learns to love herself again and rediscover her own worth.

    What is marry my husband manhwa about?

    Synopsis : A lady who was murdered after seeing her husband’s infidelity with her closest friend returns to 10 years ago and begins her second life.

    How many episodes are there in the marry my husband?

    The series will consist of 16 episodes, each of which will last 80 minutes. Marry My Husband, a romantic fantasy Korean drama series, will premiere on TVN on January 1, 2024.

    Who is the main character in Marry My Husband?

    Park Min Young starred in ‘Marry My Husband’ as Kang Ji Won, a lady who dies unexpectedly and is resurrected in the past. Kang Ji Won grapples with the ramifications of her friend’s treachery and her husband’s deception in the drama, which examines themes of justice, forgiveness, and perseverance.

    When is Marry My Husband going to be released?

    Marry My Husband, a Korean drama series, will premiere on TVN on January 1, 2024. A Netflix release date has yet to be determined.

    “Marry My Husband” is set to dominate tvN’s Monday and Tuesday 20:50 time slot, succeeding the previous occupant, “A Bloody Lucky Day.” The series is adapted from the webcomic “Nae Nampyeongwa Gyeolhonhaejweo” written by Seong So Jak, which was published on Naver from November 2, 2021, to February 28, 2023.

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