Planning to travel by air in Nigeria or abroad? Learn how to book flights online, pay for tickets, and get your airline ticket with this easy guide.

    Booking Flights in Nigeria

    How to Book a Flight Ticket Online in Nigeria

    1. Choose a platform: Select a reliable website or app like Travelstart, Wakanow, JumiaTravel
    2. ravel, or use official airline platforms like Air Peace, Arik Air, Dana Air, or Azman Air.
    3. Enter details: Input your trip details, including departure/arrival cities, dates, passengers, and travel class.
    4. Search and compare: View and compare available flights based on price, duration, stops, and other factors.
    5. Select and book: Provide personal details, choose a payment method, and confirm your booking.

    How to Pay for Plane Tickets

    Choose from various payment methods:

    • Credit/debit card: Enter card details for instant confirmation.
    • Bank transfer: Transfer funds and provide proof of payment.
    • Cash/card on delivery: Opt for payment on delivery through services like [Wakanow] or [Jumia Travel].
    • Pay at the airport: Settle the payment at the airline’s counter or designated kiosk.

    How to Get Your Airline Ticket

    Receive your e-ticket digitally:

    • Access: Retrieve your e-ticket from email, booking platform, or airline website/app.
    • Check-in: Present e-ticket and ID at the airport or use it for online check-in.

    Buying Flight Ticket for Someone Else

    Follow the same steps as booking for yourself, providing the recipient’s details. Forward the confirmation and e-ticket for their use.

    Do You Need a Passport to Book Your Flights

    • Domestic flights: Use a valid ID like a national ID card, driver’s license, voter’s card, or student’s ID.
    • International flights: Require a passport, and possibly a visa. Apply for a visa in advance if needed.

    Domestic Flights

    • Book online or offline with airlines like Air Peace, Arik Air, Dana Air, or Azman Air.
    • Cheaper and faster than road travel, but subject to potential delays. Check flight status and adhere to baggage rules.

    International Flights

    • Book through platforms or airlines like British Airways, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, or Turkish Airlines.
    • Typically more expensive and longer. Check visa requirements, travel restrictions, and apply for visas in advance.
    • Explore additional comfort and entertainment options like in-flight meals, movies, music, and Wi-Fi. Check currency exchange rates.

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