Kano State Government to spend N3.5 Billion for 550 scholarships abroad..

    The Kano State Government has announced its commitment to allocate approximately N3.5 billion for foreign scholarships, benefiting 550 students pursuing postgraduate programs abroad. Dr. Yusuf Kofar-Mata, the Commissioner for Higher Education, shared this information during a press briefing held in Kano after the weekly state executive council meeting.

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    According to Mr. Kofar-Mata, these students will have the opportunity to study at seven distinguished universities located in India and Uganda. He also disclosed that the selection process for these scholarships involved choosing 550 recipients from a pool of 1,250 applicants.

    Furthermore, the commissioner mentioned that the government is currently in the final stages of processing the necessary visas for these students, who are expected to commence their academic journey by the end of this month.

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