American nationals in Nigeria have received a warning from the US not to stay at large hotels there.

    The United States said that there are increased risks to large hotels in the nation’s key cities. This warning was released by the US on November 3 as an emergency notification for citizens. It advised US citizens to stay low-key, be mindful of their surroundings, exercise caution when visiting large hotels, and check the travel advisory for Nigeria before booking a room.

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    Avoid Major Hotels in Nigeria

    According to the notification, big hotels in Nigeria’s larger cities are under increased threat, as the US Government has received credible information about.

    According to the advice, efforts are being made by Nigerian security services to neutralize the threat.
    It said, “The Nigerian security services are actively addressing the threat.”

    In case any US citizens needed assistance, the message also included the locations and phone numbers of the US consulate in Lagos and US embassy in Abuja.

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