The closure of borders in the northern region, stemming from the ongoing crisis in the Niger Republic, has elicited deep-seated concern and lamentation among the region’s traders, who are grappling with a staggering loss amounting to approximately N13 billion on a weekly basis. This substantial financial setback has cast a grim shadow over the economic landscape and stability of the region.


    Speaking passionately at a press conference held in Abuja on a Sunday, Ibrahim Yahaya Dandakata, the distinguished chairman of the Arewa Economic Forum, fervently conveyed the gravity of the economic ramifications inflicted upon the traders. With a tone of urgency and sincerity, Dandakata emphasized that the cumulative impact of the border closure has now reached a threshold that is proving to be insufferable for the traders.

    In light of this dire situation, the chairman beseeched the federal government to heed the resounding plea of the traders and promptly take measures to alleviate their distress. Particularly, he fervently implored the authorities to consider the re-opening of the vital Maje-Illo border located in Kebbi State. This crucial step, he stressed, would serve as a beacon of hope for the beleaguered traders, granting them the much-needed respite to import essential goods into the country.

    The impassioned plea put forth by the chairman underscored the pressing need for a swift resolution to this pressing issue. As the economic fabric of the region continues to fray under the weight of the border closure, the urgency for decisive action on the part of the federal government becomes increasingly apparent. It is a pivotal moment wherein the intersection of economic livelihoods and geopolitical stability calls for astute attention and pragmatic solutions to rejuvenate the vibrant trade ecosystem that once thrived across the northern borders.

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