Getting Started With Ice Network You can sign-up for an account with your email address, phone number or by using any of your existing Apple, Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts.Sign in to your account without setting a password using our email or phone login options. Simply enter your details and you will receive a link or code via email or SMS to access your account.

    Registration Process: Ice Network

    Ice Network

    You can sign up for an account using your email address, phone number, or any of your existing Apple, Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.

    Sign in to your account without creating a password by utilizing our email or phone login options. Simply input your information, and you will receive an email or SMS with a link or code to access your account.

    claim your nickname

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    Choose a catchy and available nickname for your pals to join your team and earn rewards with you. Only letters, numbers, and periods should be used.

    Who invited you?

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    Enter the nickname of the person who invited you, which can be found in the invitation you received from your friend.

    Congratulations! You have earned a welcome reward for joining the network and demonstrating our trust in you!

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    Welcome Tour


    Our step-by-step tour will show you how to use all the app’s features and get the most out of your experience.

    Start your first check-in (mining) session!

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    Now that you have signed up and viewed our welcome tour, you are ready to start your first check-in (mining) session. Simply tap on the ice logo button from the home screen to begin.

    Read more about mining.

    Invite your friends

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    Discover how to create your own micro-community and receive a bonus on your base earning rate when mining with your pals. Remember that ice is better with company!

    Read more on how to build your team.

    Mining Bonuses

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