Congo rejects rumors of a coup attempt. Rumors that President Denis Nguesso was the target of a coup attempt have been refuted by the Congolese administration.

    The nation’s communication minister, Thierry Moungalla, made a statement via a tweet on the X platform on Sunday.

    While the president was gone attending the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, United States, certain social media accounts and news sources earlier alleged a coup attempt was taking place in the nation.

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    The commander of the presidential guard was claimed to have played a part in the attempted takeover, despite the reports claiming that the identity of the coup plotters were unknown.

    Moungalla labeled the reports as false information.

    “Fanciful reports indicate that significant activities are taking place in #Brazzaville. The Minister tweeted, “The Government refutes this bogus news.

    congo President Denis Nguesso
    congo President Denis Nguesso

    We reassure the public that peace is in place and encourage individuals to conduct their daily business in peace.

    Former military officer Nguesso has served as president since 1997.

    He had taken part in the 1968 military takeover that led to the removal of Alphonse Massemaba-Debat as president.

    The change occurs as worries about a declining democracy in Africa, where the military has recently been staging coups, intensify.

    congo army
    congo army

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